Film stars and footballers earn too much money

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Film stars and footballers earn too much money

Mensaje  Admin el Dom Ene 19, 2014 5:03 pm

All players earn much money the best or the worst, but just playing for them to play ??? To play they must have a physical good A good physical conditionand to get it you have to train every day , but in the field they are in danger of being hit by other players and can can also be injured or even die by heavy blows to the head .
 Instead movie stars earn a lot of money if very good acting but..............(subject) do not need physical training or may be at risk in their work as likethe players - .........(subject)only have to study the number??? of the film but to make the movie .????
The bad thing is that the stars have to wait until a filmmaker hirez him for his movie and spend a lot of money to make the movie .




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