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Mensaje  Admin el Miér Nov 16, 2016 2:24 am

Dedicated to education, today is very complicated. Conditions are changing a lot. The main complication is that there are many students in the classroom. There are not enough aids A single teacher in front of so many students... that can not be. The students do what they want and the teacher is out of control. Students smell the fear of teachers. And we throw ourselves on top of them. We feel much more powerful than them and that's when the adult loses his head. We take advantatge of the fact that the teacher is not at his best and... we started to lose her too( I don't understand. That is when the lack of respect enters the "game". It seems a lie but, this only happens with some teachers. Not everyone is like that. Not everyone can smell fear.

Ok interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You smell dogs and wolves!!!


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